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Fine Dining Menu

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Yorkshire Menu £30.00 Per Person

Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding, Fried Shallots, Henderson’s Gravy

Leek, Potato & Watercress Soup

Roast Rump Of Lamb, Minted Potato Cake, Peas & Onions And Red Currant Jus

Yorkshire Moggy Cake With Ginger Syrup & Vanilla Ice Cream

Tea Coffee & Raisin Oat Cakes

Royal Victoria Menu £42.00 Per Person

Poached Plaice With Samphire And Courgette And A Clam Butter

Pea, White Onion And Mint Soup

Beef Wellington, Cauliflower Cheese Puree And Tender Stem Broccoli

Bread And Butter Pudding And Vanilla Ice Cream

Tea Coffee And Chocolate Truffles